Friday, November 12, 2004

How much does a Muslim life cost?

At least 85 Muslims were massacred recently in Southern Thailand, 7 during demonstrations and the rest whilst under detention. The latter died of suffocation after being piled up 5- to 7-high (presumably with their hands tied at the back) in lorries for the 5-hour journey to a detention centre. Even cattle don't get this kind of treatment. As despicable as the Nazis were, they didn't do this to live bodies, as one commentator observed.

The incident happened only 6 months after more than 100 lives, mostly young, were killed in the Kerisik Mosque tragedy.

In Iraq, Associated Press reports that the American forces are carrying out their offensive in Fallujah, taking the lives of more than 600 so-called insurgents so far. Yesterday they did it in Mosul, Iraq's third largest city.

Is Muslim life so cheap?

Pleas, petitions, demonstrations, political and diplomatic initiatives do not seem to work anymore. The aggressors are not going to listen! That's the message Muslims are getting. And that's the message 'terrorrism' thrives on.

The world is not going to be a safer place if a part of it is being ruthlessly bullied and unjustly denied the security and peace it too deserves.

Terrorism isn't going to be solved by State Terrorism currently being practised by the United States, Israel, Britain and their friends in the most unholy of alliances.


At 10:30 PM, Blogger amali1999 said...

The latest figure for the number of 'insurgents' killed in Fallujah, according to American estimates is 1,200.


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